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Monday, October 10, 2011

Do something for yourself

So for a while now I have been sick turns out I have a ulcer. Good news is it is getting better but partly because I have no caffeine in my system and partly for whatever the hell reason I am tuckered out as can be. This week I started to feel that overwhelmed feeling again that led to me getting sick in the first place so i pretty much put every thing on hold and did something I wanted to do for me. I took two big swaths of wool one itchy and one all soft and made the quilt you see above. It is very simple and only took me about a day of spare time to do the stitching on but I love it. The quilt is very large and thick and will keep me warm all winter. Just having it and knowing I made myself something I love makes me feel a little better so I hope when you feel just frazzled you can take a moment to do something for yourself as well.



Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scary Story For Halloween

So the photo above has nothing to do with the story it is just some weird earrings I made up for the season.

Here is the story. Long ago in a galaxy far far away I used to be a professional nanny. That is right I was the person who showed up at your home and helped to shape your kids view of the world. For a while I was even a nanny who came and lived at your house while you were away on business or what not for a few weeks and watched your kids. Don't you just wish they had background checks for being a weirdo now. Anyhow here is the story.

I was at a house with one little boy about 2&1/2 the whole house had a weird feeling but for the kind of pay you can make staying 24/7 I endured. One night I had put the little boy to bed and I made myself a snack and watched a little tv. About a hour later off I went to bed. When I got to the top of the stairs I noticed the light in the kitchen was on. I was sure I turned it off but thought oh well so back down I went. When I got there I noticed the ceiling fan was on and you had to pull the string which I could not even reach to make it come on. Still I thought oh no this is just something I did not notice.

So I went back up stairs and curled up with the pet cat to go to sleep. About 20 minutes later I hear the tv come on super loud. I jumped up thinking that the cat must of hit the remote or someone was home. That would be when I realized the cat was next to me. So I went down stairs turned off the tv and looked all around. Nothing else happened so I went back to bed. I should also mention this whole house had security alarms.

The next morning me and short stuff get up and are going down stairs to make breakfast. Every thing in every cabinet was pulled out and stacked on the counters. I was horrified. The little boy said Jack and pointed to the middle of the room like this was not unusual.

I got him dressed and we spent the entire day out at the park and any other place I could come up with. When his parents got home I told them what had happened and they grinned and such like oh sure. Then when I told them the little boy pointed to jack they both froze and said he had sang several songs they could not figure out who had taught him and he always said Jack had.

I never agreed to stay there overnight again.

So what kind of spooky stories do you have.

love Cappy

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spooky Time is here again

I put up this painting because it is here and I am to lazy to go looking for another one. Yes I know it is nothing to write home about. Now on to the good stuff.

It is finally that joyous time of the year when the leaves turn, spider hide, apple cider is spiked and fuckers run around cutting up pumpkins. This is great and I love it all but what I love most is that spooky feeling that happens around this time. So starting tomorrow there will be a couple of post a week about ghost stories. One will be my own the other will be from someone else so watch out it is going to get scary around here shorty.



Saturday, September 10, 2011

Learning from Bigfoot

This painting above is one of my ever growing number of Bigfoot creations. You can barely see him and that is what I dig about it. I always feel a little bit watched partly because in this day and age privacy has to be fought for tooth n nail. Partly because there is a longing that calls out for more solitude and quiet places in the woods in me I am finding harder and harder to stave off. The idea of a cabin in the woods with a wood stove and indoor plumbing is starting to sound like heaven. So realistically I cannot disappear into the woods forever and hope to continue selling my artwork and having a family and all that kind of stuff but what I can do is embrace the inner Bigfoot and from time to time hide. Welcome to this edition of big foot.

I may also start not taking baths so I can have a bad smell and people will not want to come near me. Enjoy your day.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If you build it someone some place will make a cozy for it

Well the image above is just one of my paintings but the the theme of the post is just because I had this thought today. I tried looking for fabric fabric for a particular item I wanted to make and in a particular color. What I found was a massive amount of cozy covers for everything under the fucking sun.

There were toaster, camera lens, ipod, toilet paper, crayon, apple the damn fruit ones are thick, drink and just about any thing else you can come up with will have a cozy. When did it become a rule that everything must be kept warm and safe. Why do people buy these for things they then toss. Those fucking drink cozies. Those I at least sort of get if your coffee is hot and the shop is out of those covers then ok you have a plan. Not really but sure whatever.

Then there are the rest of them. What in the hell is going on with the fruit. Do you use the produce to do some weird office bowling everyday. How hard can life be on your fruit that it needs a safe place.

I will not even address the crayon and toilet paper stuff other than to say your crayons have a fucking box and again what is happening to the shit can paper that it needs to be made pretty. We all know that decorative yarn thing on the back of your commode is toilet paper how about you do not make us unwrap it if we need it.

Love Cappy

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things I have learned this week

I am going to start doing a new post every Saturday called Things I have learned this week. Each week I am surprised by how much more there is to learn in the world. So here is what I have learned.

1. Back in the days of Malt shops people also made trays there and by made I mean painted designs on them. I am not sure how the hell that makes sense but a old lady assured me her father did that and insisted it was common place. I have no idea if it is true but she seemed sure.

2. My husband will drag home any piece of shit computer part he can get his hands on even if he never has a use for it. Case in point while old lady was rattling off Malt shop tray stories to me he found some random computer shit we had to buy at the animal rescue thrift shop.

3. If allowed people will always make you feel bad for not meeting their expectations even if those expectations are beyond reason. Just be right with yourself and tell them to fuck off.

4. If I made it at least one of my pets will want to fuck it up. This week again as I pulled a fabric and clay necklace out of the water dish I was reminded they are douche bags and I should never forget that.

5. Telling people the flat out truth when they are rude will piss them off unbelievably. I do not understand you would think if they were already being rude they would not be to concerned about other peoples views but nope they will flip their shit on you every time. I will not riddle you with tales of outraged fucktards just know it has been a long week.

6. My old dog looks really cute wearing her new shawl I made like a super hero cape.

7. That thanks to Regretsy and my love of the place I will never stop making little clay penises.

8. Scott Bakula has a face like a Border Collie.

So what have you learned this week?


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gratitude Wednesday

This has been a rough day had a nice sale but in general I have wanted to just punch and not use my words. To help me remember not every day blows I am doing a gratitude list today.

1. I am grateful that I make good money selling my penises it is weird and fun and allows me to be creative.

2. I am grateful that my husband is of a calmer nature than me and can talk me down when I am ready to commit a 3-5 yr in prison crime because people can be asses.

3. I am grateful beyond grateful for fucking coffee because with out it I would wilt up into a dried out bitchy crust and die.

4. I am grateful for my friends who make me laugh and share their interesting lives with me.

5. I am grateful for whatever you want to call it God the universe, the collective unconscious whatever you call it that looks after us. By us I mean me and my family not in anyway wanting to put my views on others.

So what are you grateful for today



Saturday, August 27, 2011

Signs. Lubricants and other important cautionary measures

It has been a long weird few days. My sister is gearing up for surgery my dad has had blood sugar issues and my own little weird life is just on the usual crazy roller coaster with the rusty rails.

Yesterday was super strange. We were having a birthday party for my Dad he is 69 and doing well other than a little blood sugar issue. His friends who are a group of people he hangs out with mostly from the track the horse track not the running track. They seems to also see how very superb and crazy my father is. One of them gave him a gag gift of motor oil which was actually a tiny bottle of lubricant. That was the highlight of yesterday trying to explain he was given personal lubricant not something for his car.

Then last night driving home I had the window rolled down my hair whats left of it the cat tried to bald me last month was all up in the air like a dog with their face out the window. Just as we got to the heart of our little town actually city tons of cars and businesses I saw a large doe and her fawn I am guessing standing in the grass trying to figure out how to get back away from the road I think. I always consider that kind of stuff a sign and as Deer are known for their gentleness I am going with the idea it is telling me a gentle time is coming.

So how is your weekend.



Friday, August 26, 2011

This day blows goats

No really just wanted to share that.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Negative or Positive

I have been very busy working on items. The fall is my busiest time of the year and I have other things I want to do as well like work on a couple of writing projects and maybe a comic of my penis. Now my reason for posting the negative or positive as the title is this.

I am all for being realistic and preparing yourself so if there is a shake up with the economy or in your own home you have some resources. Lately though I have seen many The end is near, Prepare for the worst, The four horsemen were spotted down the street, Run for your lives kinds of threads and post all over the place.

This is bullshit. Now I do not say this because I am a atheist and don't believe in God as a matter of fact I do believe in God. Now my version of God has nothing to do with church or religion but that is another post for another day. To me God has nothing to do with us fucking up our economy.

To me the negative of thinking this way as if the world is just collapsing in on itself and we will all be fighting in the grocery store that has been looted for the last can of corn is not really helpful. Do you find it helpful to warn people to stock up on bullets and buy gold. Seeing as most people do not have even a basic comfort level with weapons and would most likely get hurt with their own I do not find it all that helpful. As for the stockpiling food and buying gold. I am pretty sure if we had the money to do that then the whole economy in the shitter thing would not be such a big deal.

The positive to me is this. Why not pool our resources talk to each other about ways to save money and be more self sufficient. Why not share how to guides for making your own goods and healthy cheap food. Join a barter group or one of the work trade programs. So much can be done to help keep things call that seems more helpful all around than panic in the streets.

This whole post was inspired by this thread if you would like to see what has me up on my soap box. Regularly scheduled fuckery to commence tomorrow.

Please feel free to share your views



Thursday, August 18, 2011

I got inspired

Recently I have been looking at how to long term keep my creative pursuits not only interesting but fresh and functional for myself. My computer is dying and my art cave is in desperate need of a revamping because I have never gotten it back up to snuff after the flood. I now not only work in a basement but it looks like it should be in a horror movie as the hang out for the guy with the chainsaw. Oh and some big fucking spiders because if I open the doors for a breeze fucking lawn spiders come in and camp out. Bitches like my laundry machines.

So after a couple of days of feeling sorry for myself I finally told myself well then how can you change this situation. I have never been one of those people who has to have something immediately when I want it. I am good at working for things and enjoy the process I feel better that way. When I get a wild streak of luck I enjoy it but I also keep looking around waiting for the sky to fall in sure it will some how result in my ending up homeless and living in our van snuggling pet to stay warm at night.

That is when I got a new plan. I love my Regretsy stuff and the fact I get to do a charity through them and the fact that with out it I would not have the art business I have. What I also know is that I have to keep evolving what I do and find a way to tie it all together. So I have a few plans I am going to be working on. First I am working on the possibility of doing a year long project which if it works out would be a dream for me. Second I am making a concrete plan to expand the business. This will be me making a higher end shop for my larger more serious painting and maybe a wood working shop. Then there is the idea I may try to put my short stories out there in the world and see how they do.

My hope is that I can turn these things into enough progress to change the things I do not like. So now what inspires you?

Love Cappy

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It is Gratitude Tuesday

So it used to be gratitude Wednesday but to hell with it I am moving it to Tuesday. There is just so much that I am grateful for why not get it down before I find some reason to be cranky.

1. I am grateful most of all that the husband is doing so much better all around health wise. He right now has a little cold but other than that is aces. Not a day goes by I do not think about how much I love him here.

2. For the creative time I have been spending I am building a huge stockpile of things to list and getting all geared up for the holiday season. This should make it easier to keep up.

3. For my friends I love the laughter and sharing of ideas and such that goes on.

4. For my sister who while sick is getting surgery very soon and should be back up on her feet into the early fall.

5. This one is just for me I am grateful my husband got me a ungodly amount of creamers from the gas station when he bought a soda this week because I am now enjoying flavored coffee.

So what are you grateful for



Monday, August 8, 2011

Bunny Adventures and Goals

So lets start with the bunny adventure. Right now I am spending my days crafting away and spending far less time of promotion of my shop. I do enjoy the checking in here. Right now I have no idea if anyone is even reading these but they help make clear to me what I am doing and on what to focus so it works for me either way. The Bunny adventure is my first assemblage I have been super happy with in a long time. It is small but it relates the story I am trying to tell and that does not always happen for me. Now on to goals. I am loving wood work again but my bread and butter is still my paintings. So I am trying to do both constantly right now to gear up for my main festival I love to do which is Strange Folk but also to build up my inventory for a second festival I am waiting to see if I get in and for the holiday rush. How do you gear up for your goals.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Walking around in a creative trance

So I am a little curious my recent lack of computer time has in fact led me to be far more productive. I am pretty much crafting anytime I am not asleep or doing family stuff. When I go into a trance like this I cannot get the latest in the list of items I want to make off my brain. Right now I am working on a tiny wood doll and I just keep seeing her face and how I want it to look when finished. What gets you into the creative trance and what is it like for other folks. For me it almost borders on a obsession. It is not that I think oh I am making some great work but much more I keep seeing the image every time I am not 100% occupied till I create it.

Clue me in


Thursday, August 4, 2011

When your either just high on caffeine or need to be kicked in the taco

Howdy all I know it has been a while I come make one or two post then disappear into my caffeine covered art cave world. Well that has annoyed me for sometime. I know blogs are falling out of fashion but I liked doing one so I shall continue doing just That.

Today has been a rough day the computer is mostly dead. Other than typing and seeing it on a 10yr old monitor that we hooked up to the compute because the screen died I cannot really do any thing else. The mouse pad works so this means I can at least keep up on my shops and such. At first I was all tore up but we found I can download pictures it just take about 20-40 minutes trying to get it to work. So this tells me I need to wait till I have a lot of new items to list. At first I was just screaming fuck and that kind of thing at the computer then I thought maybe this is a great chance for me to focus on my artwork and having being online be a total pain in the ass I will make those times really count. That or I don't want to admit I am sour we have no real computer. Either way just the peace that settled over me about it when I thought of it that way made me want to kick my own self in the taco.

So to keep myself focused I am going to try and spend at least one visit to the online world a day here telling you how this journey into my offline world is going. I hope the photo above makes you all laugh. It is my Regretsy and Whimsy pals scrapbook. I am a card and weird doodad saver so every time I got something I found via one of those places the little extra bits got stored aside and now they have their own home.

So whats shaking world?



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Very happy up over here.

This is one of my gratitude list things from earlier in the week come to fruition. I had really wanted to get a new air conditioner. Our main one for the living room took out and we had it half assed working but had to move our tiny old one from the bedroom into the living room for the old pets who do not do well with the heat. So about 2 days ago I got enough sales to go ahead and nab this big new pretty air conditioner. What makes it really nifty is that it will take the place of everything but the one in our bedroom it is newer than the one in the living room by 30 years and it is a really nice Kenmore. I could not be more happy right now. So what has you going this weekend.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gratitude Wednesday Returns

This summer has been odd and I realized I have been so hopping in life I have not taken the time to sit down and really be grateful for the little and big things. That is a problem for me when I lose sight of that stuff everything else starts to slowly mean less very fast then I end up sitting on the couch watching bad tv and wondering why I am cranky. So with this horrid heat I am bringing back gratitude Wednesday to help endure.

1. I am grateful that my sister who has been in and out of the hospital seems to be doing better. That has weighed on all of us and not being doctors we find ourselves at a disadvantage in helping her.

2. I am grateful for one of my sweet friends who sent me a card this week. The day as had the week before was swinging around in the crummy zone and that really perked me up.

3. I am grateful that the old fat dog seems to be doing well with the heat so long as I give her regular rub downs with a cool towel.

4. I am grateful and excited that I am only about a hundred dollars off from my goal of being able to buy a nice new air conditioner that will take the place of the old and dying ones we have. Nothing is going to feel better than that cold air bought with all art sale funds.

5. I am grateful that cool whip works just fine as creamer and makes it taste like your drinking a cup of that international Swiss miss like stuff.

So what are you grateful for?

Love Cappy

Monday, May 23, 2011

The good the bad and the ugly

It has been a weird great week and I am hoping it continues into the week we are starting. The good came from being featured in a Regretsy giveaway for the Rapture. Not only did the whole thing make me laugh like a drunk hyena but what wonderful publicity for my little shop. Still could not love that site more. The bad came when they told me father we had to reschedule his eye surgery because they ran out of corneas. Turns out though that they have enough he can get his eyes done tomorrow. This is good but bad because we worry when ever he gets put out but I think being able to see much better will make his world a lot better. The ugly is the couple of zombie dolls I doctored up who now live in my shop.

My birthday is at the end of the week so I am working on figuring out some goals for the next year and seeing how I did with my goals from the last year. To be honest with the stuff from the husband getting sick and business really picking up I may not have done great but hey that is what 33 will be for. Also on this note big honking sale in my main shop. Use coupon code Cappybirthday to get 33% off any purchase over 20.00 till Friday evening.

So whats shaking out there world?



Thursday, May 12, 2011

When the stars bitch slap each other

This has been one of those weeks when nothing comes together. If possible we got up late. If we could forget something we did. Plans upon plans crossed and we were going to have to give someone a bird. Things found new and creative ways to be expensive. If something could take to long by God it took three times that.

So all week I have been looking for a way to endure this celestial smack down. Here this Thursday afternoon my only direction is this. Try to avoid the mace and wait for the clown bunny to get tuckered out.

I hope you all have found a way to endure the suck times and feel free to share them here.



Friday, May 6, 2011

What gets you up in the morning?

Well for me this morning it was Robert Palmer singing Bad case of loving you on a alarm clock in my dream. All I can say is thank you NyQuil. But in general what gets your motor running makes you want to get up and face the day. Recently having a cold I was reminded how much for me the things I want to get up for are tied into my family but the part that is just for me is what I am talking about here. Every day as I have my morning coffee just after I get the husband out the door and the dogs have had their morning time and the cats are busy looking at birds that is when I get into my groove. That is when I start collecting ideas and bits of items needed to work on what ever madness is running around in my brain. The crazy old cat lady above is just one of those things that came to me that way. So what gets you going?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back and Posting

This is big white kitty. Big white kitty has been visiting our house now for a couple of weeks trying to get to come inside. I thought it was just someones pet and they were stupid and let it outside in the city. Well today BWK showed up with no collar and lots of scratch/bite marks. I have put out a all points bulletin for the kitty hoping that someplace a person is desperately wanting this kitty back. What is more likely though is that BWK has been abandoned or got lost. Today I spent about 3 hours on BWK and I will spend more till BWK has someplace to go. This got me thinking that I still do lots of charity stuff but it has been a while since I did one just for pets. I think it may be time to get involved in one of the no kill shelters here again more in depth than I have been as of late. I really hope we hit a time in this country when pets are cared for and kept safe and gotten fixed as a standard practice. Tomorrow I promise to be more cheerful.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday again and I am glad for the week to wind down

This has been one of those long weeks that has me a little worried. I cannot share yet all of that but hope to have a update on Sunday.

The good of this week has been I am caught up on custom work. I had 5 waiting and they are all now done and shipped. The healthy stuff is still going strong as well. I have nothing that is unhealthy in this house and have had one cup of coffee with any thing processed in it when at a friends. Still just want to give the healthy stuff the bird but what to do.

So what has gone on in your world this week.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year New Hat

So this week has had lots of good stuff. I have gotten some work done on a couple of larger art projects. Custom work has been over flowing and then my sweet dear friend Denise sent me the hat you see on me here because she knew I loved it. What a wonderful week.
The hubs and I have been on our goal of healthy eating and living. We move more and take in better stuff. Frankly I would beat the hell out of my own grandmother for a cup of coffee with creamer and a damn sweetener in it. But other than that it is good. Trying new recipes and when some come out looking prettier or I think about it photos and such will abound.
Other than that writing and creating are going well.
Well that is about all I have going on this week need to go finish sewing a little space ship pillow.
PS. So how has your week been world?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year is my favorite time

The new year is one of my favorite times because we can roll the dice again and it seems like a fresh new start even though it is really just another day. But I am taking full advantage of this designated time and working on a lot of goals this year.
One of my goals this year is to work on my blog I enjoyed it for a long time then just sorta wandered off. I have no idea if anyone reads this or not but I know I like doing it so I am determined to post twice a week once on Sunday and once on Thursday.
This year my big goals are to clean all the processed stuff out of the house and work on the healthier life and to expand my business. Accounts of both adventures will be found here soon. So what are you trying to make happen this year?