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Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year New Hat

So this week has had lots of good stuff. I have gotten some work done on a couple of larger art projects. Custom work has been over flowing and then my sweet dear friend Denise sent me the hat you see on me here because she knew I loved it. What a wonderful week.
The hubs and I have been on our goal of healthy eating and living. We move more and take in better stuff. Frankly I would beat the hell out of my own grandmother for a cup of coffee with creamer and a damn sweetener in it. But other than that it is good. Trying new recipes and when some come out looking prettier or I think about it photos and such will abound.
Other than that writing and creating are going well.
Well that is about all I have going on this week need to go finish sewing a little space ship pillow.
PS. So how has your week been world?


  1. Hi, Cappy Sue!!

    I made through a full week of teaching without a snow day. Next week is another matter. I've made some new journal covers and will be photo'ing and posting soon.

  2. Those sound exciting the journal covers Paintingpam I look forward to seeing them. Good luck in the coming week with the snow days to. Good to see you again I have missed my blog friends.