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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gratitude Wednesday

This has been a rough day had a nice sale but in general I have wanted to just punch and not use my words. To help me remember not every day blows I am doing a gratitude list today.

1. I am grateful that I make good money selling my penises it is weird and fun and allows me to be creative.

2. I am grateful that my husband is of a calmer nature than me and can talk me down when I am ready to commit a 3-5 yr in prison crime because people can be asses.

3. I am grateful beyond grateful for fucking coffee because with out it I would wilt up into a dried out bitchy crust and die.

4. I am grateful for my friends who make me laugh and share their interesting lives with me.

5. I am grateful for whatever you want to call it God the universe, the collective unconscious whatever you call it that looks after us. By us I mean me and my family not in anyway wanting to put my views on others.

So what are you grateful for today



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