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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I got inspired

Recently I have been looking at how to long term keep my creative pursuits not only interesting but fresh and functional for myself. My computer is dying and my art cave is in desperate need of a revamping because I have never gotten it back up to snuff after the flood. I now not only work in a basement but it looks like it should be in a horror movie as the hang out for the guy with the chainsaw. Oh and some big fucking spiders because if I open the doors for a breeze fucking lawn spiders come in and camp out. Bitches like my laundry machines.

So after a couple of days of feeling sorry for myself I finally told myself well then how can you change this situation. I have never been one of those people who has to have something immediately when I want it. I am good at working for things and enjoy the process I feel better that way. When I get a wild streak of luck I enjoy it but I also keep looking around waiting for the sky to fall in sure it will some how result in my ending up homeless and living in our van snuggling pet to stay warm at night.

That is when I got a new plan. I love my Regretsy stuff and the fact I get to do a charity through them and the fact that with out it I would not have the art business I have. What I also know is that I have to keep evolving what I do and find a way to tie it all together. So I have a few plans I am going to be working on. First I am working on the possibility of doing a year long project which if it works out would be a dream for me. Second I am making a concrete plan to expand the business. This will be me making a higher end shop for my larger more serious painting and maybe a wood working shop. Then there is the idea I may try to put my short stories out there in the world and see how they do.

My hope is that I can turn these things into enough progress to change the things I do not like. So now what inspires you?

Love Cappy

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