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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Negative or Positive

I have been very busy working on items. The fall is my busiest time of the year and I have other things I want to do as well like work on a couple of writing projects and maybe a comic of my penis. Now my reason for posting the negative or positive as the title is this.

I am all for being realistic and preparing yourself so if there is a shake up with the economy or in your own home you have some resources. Lately though I have seen many The end is near, Prepare for the worst, The four horsemen were spotted down the street, Run for your lives kinds of threads and post all over the place.

This is bullshit. Now I do not say this because I am a atheist and don't believe in God as a matter of fact I do believe in God. Now my version of God has nothing to do with church or religion but that is another post for another day. To me God has nothing to do with us fucking up our economy.

To me the negative of thinking this way as if the world is just collapsing in on itself and we will all be fighting in the grocery store that has been looted for the last can of corn is not really helpful. Do you find it helpful to warn people to stock up on bullets and buy gold. Seeing as most people do not have even a basic comfort level with weapons and would most likely get hurt with their own I do not find it all that helpful. As for the stockpiling food and buying gold. I am pretty sure if we had the money to do that then the whole economy in the shitter thing would not be such a big deal.

The positive to me is this. Why not pool our resources talk to each other about ways to save money and be more self sufficient. Why not share how to guides for making your own goods and healthy cheap food. Join a barter group or one of the work trade programs. So much can be done to help keep things call that seems more helpful all around than panic in the streets.

This whole post was inspired by this thread if you would like to see what has me up on my soap box. Regularly scheduled fuckery to commence tomorrow.

Please feel free to share your views



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