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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Signs. Lubricants and other important cautionary measures

It has been a long weird few days. My sister is gearing up for surgery my dad has had blood sugar issues and my own little weird life is just on the usual crazy roller coaster with the rusty rails.

Yesterday was super strange. We were having a birthday party for my Dad he is 69 and doing well other than a little blood sugar issue. His friends who are a group of people he hangs out with mostly from the track the horse track not the running track. They seems to also see how very superb and crazy my father is. One of them gave him a gag gift of motor oil which was actually a tiny bottle of lubricant. That was the highlight of yesterday trying to explain he was given personal lubricant not something for his car.

Then last night driving home I had the window rolled down my hair whats left of it the cat tried to bald me last month was all up in the air like a dog with their face out the window. Just as we got to the heart of our little town actually city tons of cars and businesses I saw a large doe and her fawn I am guessing standing in the grass trying to figure out how to get back away from the road I think. I always consider that kind of stuff a sign and as Deer are known for their gentleness I am going with the idea it is telling me a gentle time is coming.

So how is your weekend.



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