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Thursday, August 4, 2011

When your either just high on caffeine or need to be kicked in the taco

Howdy all I know it has been a while I come make one or two post then disappear into my caffeine covered art cave world. Well that has annoyed me for sometime. I know blogs are falling out of fashion but I liked doing one so I shall continue doing just That.

Today has been a rough day the computer is mostly dead. Other than typing and seeing it on a 10yr old monitor that we hooked up to the compute because the screen died I cannot really do any thing else. The mouse pad works so this means I can at least keep up on my shops and such. At first I was all tore up but we found I can download pictures it just take about 20-40 minutes trying to get it to work. So this tells me I need to wait till I have a lot of new items to list. At first I was just screaming fuck and that kind of thing at the computer then I thought maybe this is a great chance for me to focus on my artwork and having being online be a total pain in the ass I will make those times really count. That or I don't want to admit I am sour we have no real computer. Either way just the peace that settled over me about it when I thought of it that way made me want to kick my own self in the taco.

So to keep myself focused I am going to try and spend at least one visit to the online world a day here telling you how this journey into my offline world is going. I hope the photo above makes you all laugh. It is my Regretsy and Whimsy pals scrapbook. I am a card and weird doodad saver so every time I got something I found via one of those places the little extra bits got stored aside and now they have their own home.

So whats shaking world?



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