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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If you build it someone some place will make a cozy for it

Well the image above is just one of my paintings but the the theme of the post is just because I had this thought today. I tried looking for fabric fabric for a particular item I wanted to make and in a particular color. What I found was a massive amount of cozy covers for everything under the fucking sun.

There were toaster, camera lens, ipod, toilet paper, crayon, apple the damn fruit ones are thick, drink and just about any thing else you can come up with will have a cozy. When did it become a rule that everything must be kept warm and safe. Why do people buy these for things they then toss. Those fucking drink cozies. Those I at least sort of get if your coffee is hot and the shop is out of those covers then ok you have a plan. Not really but sure whatever.

Then there are the rest of them. What in the hell is going on with the fruit. Do you use the produce to do some weird office bowling everyday. How hard can life be on your fruit that it needs a safe place.

I will not even address the crayon and toilet paper stuff other than to say your crayons have a fucking box and again what is happening to the shit can paper that it needs to be made pretty. We all know that decorative yarn thing on the back of your commode is toilet paper how about you do not make us unwrap it if we need it.

Love Cappy


  1. Now I'm trying to think of the best way to make a toilet paper-shaped pillow. Damn it.

  2. If you do please let me know about it that would be perfect for my father for the holidays.

  3. If I can make it work, everyone will know. And then someone will make a cozy for it.