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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Learning from Bigfoot

This painting above is one of my ever growing number of Bigfoot creations. You can barely see him and that is what I dig about it. I always feel a little bit watched partly because in this day and age privacy has to be fought for tooth n nail. Partly because there is a longing that calls out for more solitude and quiet places in the woods in me I am finding harder and harder to stave off. The idea of a cabin in the woods with a wood stove and indoor plumbing is starting to sound like heaven. So realistically I cannot disappear into the woods forever and hope to continue selling my artwork and having a family and all that kind of stuff but what I can do is embrace the inner Bigfoot and from time to time hide. Welcome to this edition of big foot.

I may also start not taking baths so I can have a bad smell and people will not want to come near me. Enjoy your day.


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