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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things I have learned this week

I am going to start doing a new post every Saturday called Things I have learned this week. Each week I am surprised by how much more there is to learn in the world. So here is what I have learned.

1. Back in the days of Malt shops people also made trays there and by made I mean painted designs on them. I am not sure how the hell that makes sense but a old lady assured me her father did that and insisted it was common place. I have no idea if it is true but she seemed sure.

2. My husband will drag home any piece of shit computer part he can get his hands on even if he never has a use for it. Case in point while old lady was rattling off Malt shop tray stories to me he found some random computer shit we had to buy at the animal rescue thrift shop.

3. If allowed people will always make you feel bad for not meeting their expectations even if those expectations are beyond reason. Just be right with yourself and tell them to fuck off.

4. If I made it at least one of my pets will want to fuck it up. This week again as I pulled a fabric and clay necklace out of the water dish I was reminded they are douche bags and I should never forget that.

5. Telling people the flat out truth when they are rude will piss them off unbelievably. I do not understand you would think if they were already being rude they would not be to concerned about other peoples views but nope they will flip their shit on you every time. I will not riddle you with tales of outraged fucktards just know it has been a long week.

6. My old dog looks really cute wearing her new shawl I made like a super hero cape.

7. That thanks to Regretsy and my love of the place I will never stop making little clay penises.

8. Scott Bakula has a face like a Border Collie.

So what have you learned this week?


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  1. Things learned this week number 5 made me laugh so much. Because I can relate to all sorts of people being rude and allowing themselves to pour in our little quiet lives and the sh** they can carry with them.

    When people are telling me bad things, I let them talk and talk and talk, then when they get tired and infuriated because I have no reaction (thanks meds!), then I ask them this "I already know I'm all what you say, I'd like you to be more imaginative and tell me something nobody told me before... good luck" Then I turn my back and go away.

    I win because I was nice and polite :-)