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Monday, October 10, 2011

Do something for yourself

So for a while now I have been sick turns out I have a ulcer. Good news is it is getting better but partly because I have no caffeine in my system and partly for whatever the hell reason I am tuckered out as can be. This week I started to feel that overwhelmed feeling again that led to me getting sick in the first place so i pretty much put every thing on hold and did something I wanted to do for me. I took two big swaths of wool one itchy and one all soft and made the quilt you see above. It is very simple and only took me about a day of spare time to do the stitching on but I love it. The quilt is very large and thick and will keep me warm all winter. Just having it and knowing I made myself something I love makes me feel a little better so I hope when you feel just frazzled you can take a moment to do something for yourself as well.



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