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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scary Story For Halloween

So the photo above has nothing to do with the story it is just some weird earrings I made up for the season.

Here is the story. Long ago in a galaxy far far away I used to be a professional nanny. That is right I was the person who showed up at your home and helped to shape your kids view of the world. For a while I was even a nanny who came and lived at your house while you were away on business or what not for a few weeks and watched your kids. Don't you just wish they had background checks for being a weirdo now. Anyhow here is the story.

I was at a house with one little boy about 2&1/2 the whole house had a weird feeling but for the kind of pay you can make staying 24/7 I endured. One night I had put the little boy to bed and I made myself a snack and watched a little tv. About a hour later off I went to bed. When I got to the top of the stairs I noticed the light in the kitchen was on. I was sure I turned it off but thought oh well so back down I went. When I got there I noticed the ceiling fan was on and you had to pull the string which I could not even reach to make it come on. Still I thought oh no this is just something I did not notice.

So I went back up stairs and curled up with the pet cat to go to sleep. About 20 minutes later I hear the tv come on super loud. I jumped up thinking that the cat must of hit the remote or someone was home. That would be when I realized the cat was next to me. So I went down stairs turned off the tv and looked all around. Nothing else happened so I went back to bed. I should also mention this whole house had security alarms.

The next morning me and short stuff get up and are going down stairs to make breakfast. Every thing in every cabinet was pulled out and stacked on the counters. I was horrified. The little boy said Jack and pointed to the middle of the room like this was not unusual.

I got him dressed and we spent the entire day out at the park and any other place I could come up with. When his parents got home I told them what had happened and they grinned and such like oh sure. Then when I told them the little boy pointed to jack they both froze and said he had sang several songs they could not figure out who had taught him and he always said Jack had.

I never agreed to stay there overnight again.

So what kind of spooky stories do you have.

love Cappy

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