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Monday, May 23, 2011

The good the bad and the ugly

It has been a weird great week and I am hoping it continues into the week we are starting. The good came from being featured in a Regretsy giveaway for the Rapture. Not only did the whole thing make me laugh like a drunk hyena but what wonderful publicity for my little shop. Still could not love that site more. The bad came when they told me father we had to reschedule his eye surgery because they ran out of corneas. Turns out though that they have enough he can get his eyes done tomorrow. This is good but bad because we worry when ever he gets put out but I think being able to see much better will make his world a lot better. The ugly is the couple of zombie dolls I doctored up who now live in my shop.

My birthday is at the end of the week so I am working on figuring out some goals for the next year and seeing how I did with my goals from the last year. To be honest with the stuff from the husband getting sick and business really picking up I may not have done great but hey that is what 33 will be for. Also on this note big honking sale in my main shop. Use coupon code Cappybirthday to get 33% off any purchase over 20.00 till Friday evening.

So whats shaking out there world?



Thursday, May 12, 2011

When the stars bitch slap each other

This has been one of those weeks when nothing comes together. If possible we got up late. If we could forget something we did. Plans upon plans crossed and we were going to have to give someone a bird. Things found new and creative ways to be expensive. If something could take to long by God it took three times that.

So all week I have been looking for a way to endure this celestial smack down. Here this Thursday afternoon my only direction is this. Try to avoid the mace and wait for the clown bunny to get tuckered out.

I hope you all have found a way to endure the suck times and feel free to share them here.



Friday, May 6, 2011

What gets you up in the morning?

Well for me this morning it was Robert Palmer singing Bad case of loving you on a alarm clock in my dream. All I can say is thank you NyQuil. But in general what gets your motor running makes you want to get up and face the day. Recently having a cold I was reminded how much for me the things I want to get up for are tied into my family but the part that is just for me is what I am talking about here. Every day as I have my morning coffee just after I get the husband out the door and the dogs have had their morning time and the cats are busy looking at birds that is when I get into my groove. That is when I start collecting ideas and bits of items needed to work on what ever madness is running around in my brain. The crazy old cat lady above is just one of those things that came to me that way. So what gets you going?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back and Posting

This is big white kitty. Big white kitty has been visiting our house now for a couple of weeks trying to get to come inside. I thought it was just someones pet and they were stupid and let it outside in the city. Well today BWK showed up with no collar and lots of scratch/bite marks. I have put out a all points bulletin for the kitty hoping that someplace a person is desperately wanting this kitty back. What is more likely though is that BWK has been abandoned or got lost. Today I spent about 3 hours on BWK and I will spend more till BWK has someplace to go. This got me thinking that I still do lots of charity stuff but it has been a while since I did one just for pets. I think it may be time to get involved in one of the no kill shelters here again more in depth than I have been as of late. I really hope we hit a time in this country when pets are cared for and kept safe and gotten fixed as a standard practice. Tomorrow I promise to be more cheerful.