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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Very happy up over here.

This is one of my gratitude list things from earlier in the week come to fruition. I had really wanted to get a new air conditioner. Our main one for the living room took out and we had it half assed working but had to move our tiny old one from the bedroom into the living room for the old pets who do not do well with the heat. So about 2 days ago I got enough sales to go ahead and nab this big new pretty air conditioner. What makes it really nifty is that it will take the place of everything but the one in our bedroom it is newer than the one in the living room by 30 years and it is a really nice Kenmore. I could not be more happy right now. So what has you going this weekend.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gratitude Wednesday Returns

This summer has been odd and I realized I have been so hopping in life I have not taken the time to sit down and really be grateful for the little and big things. That is a problem for me when I lose sight of that stuff everything else starts to slowly mean less very fast then I end up sitting on the couch watching bad tv and wondering why I am cranky. So with this horrid heat I am bringing back gratitude Wednesday to help endure.

1. I am grateful that my sister who has been in and out of the hospital seems to be doing better. That has weighed on all of us and not being doctors we find ourselves at a disadvantage in helping her.

2. I am grateful for one of my sweet friends who sent me a card this week. The day as had the week before was swinging around in the crummy zone and that really perked me up.

3. I am grateful that the old fat dog seems to be doing well with the heat so long as I give her regular rub downs with a cool towel.

4. I am grateful and excited that I am only about a hundred dollars off from my goal of being able to buy a nice new air conditioner that will take the place of the old and dying ones we have. Nothing is going to feel better than that cold air bought with all art sale funds.

5. I am grateful that cool whip works just fine as creamer and makes it taste like your drinking a cup of that international Swiss miss like stuff.

So what are you grateful for?

Love Cappy