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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Courting what you want

I used my Froggy went a courtin painting for the topic because Froggy is off trying to get what he wants. So it has only been a couple of weeks into January but I feel like I am making a solid effort to focus on the things I want and clear the things I do not off the deck so they are not drawing me away when I feel frustrated.

This week the big things I have worked on are moving part of the art cave upstairs. I have some issues and to much cold makes me sick for hours. I finally had to just recognize that no amount of bundling up was gonna keep me from coming back up stairs sick as a dog all winter. So I took over part of the office/dining room.

Things are getting more organized and more shit has gone to the charity shops than is left in the house. We will be picking up our second car this week it was supposed to be last week but it had a issue. That got me down but I am just trying to stay focused on the fact that I cannot control that and how much easier doing shows and just keeping up is gonna be with two cars.

The last thing I have spent some time on is working on eating better. It took another bout of having to have ulcer meds but I am improving my eating again. Got some of my favorites and have really been trying to make time.

So I see this as me courting a proper place to work, expanding my business and a healthier life. What are you courting this week.



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