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Monday, January 9, 2012

Moving Forward

This year I really wanted to do about 100 different things. I have plans for maybe 50 projects and that is not a exagerated number. That also does not include the family goals, financial goals, personal goals, and various other things. So I made a giant plan. I ate up most of a note book with the list from the smallest to the largest. Then I came up with plans on how to make each one happen. So in that effort I am going to try and share some about my art but mostly about my life on this blog. So yeah flip on to your next blog now.

This last week things I did towards that goal was to sew several items we needed around here I had just never made, got photos actually printed up for the albums which does not sound like much but when you realize it has been a year or more since you actually printed any up it gets a little sad. I took some stuff I did not need to a charity. They can sell it and use the proceeds to support one of my favorite animal charities. I actually got some sleep even when I felt like I was doing something wrong by not staying up till all hours to do every thing I wanted to do. This week I have more stuff to do but I am spreading it and organizing it and finding in general it makes meeting goals easier. So here is to hoping this year is a resolution clearing bitch.

Oh and I wanted to do a giveaway for my fan page. Sure it does tend to bring a little business but in general it is just fun and is a way to say thanks for following and supporting my business. Here is a link if you would like to enter it is easy.

Love Cappy

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