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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year new day new life new penises to make

So this year I thought for fun I would keep you guys up to date on my adventures in resolution land. I like to see the image above as my version of irons in the fire. Each week I am gonna try to come in and let you know what I am doing about my resolutions both personal and some work related.

For me my biggest personal one this year is to get back to being all healthy. What I have done about it is to make a plan that was very flexible and not overwhelming with my husband who is now more into being healthy as he has had to start meds that make him sluggish.

My biggest business goal is to really expand what I make and advertise better. What I have done to make it happen is start a couple of sale things such as a new service I am offering called Jazz up your crap here is the brand spanking new page I made to show that stuff off. I am also working on a special penis page and figuring out the best way to put my advertising bucks to use.

So what are you wanting to do this year and how are you going to make it happen?



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