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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Water Color and New Dreams

So the photo above is of a illustration I did. Already sold it feeling very grateful about that but it makes me laugh so I thought I would share it as well.

This week has been a real adventure for us. First we got our new used car which for the first time in a long time has us with tow cars making my efforts at doing shows and all that kind of stuff much easier. We also happen to love it.

Then something strange happened. My husband who is a big lover or routine and tends to like comfort zones shocked the hell out of me. He found out that Sweden has a area that is fairly temperate and even has a season for palm trees. He is now convinced we should move there and shake our live up for fun. Then me the list making plan by the years lady said why the hell not. So we toss just picked up and tossed out our big 5 and 10 yr plans and are working out a new one to move there in 2-4 yrs just for a adventure. So we are looking into what all we would have to do from top to bottom to do just that.

What made me really happy about that is I am good at when I get a goal focusing on it till I can make it happen. But having the husband come up with it and both of us just say hey lets make this happen adds so much fun to it. I would hate to think I was such a planner I had no room for new goals or dreams so this has put a constant smile on my face.

In other news I am making up penis promo boxes to send out soon. So what are you doing to reach your dreams this year.

Love Cappy

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