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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baby Steps to Sweden and goals and monsters

Today I am just doing my update on what I have done towards my goals. This year the big goal is to send the shops over the top into the big time. So Promo boxes of penises are mailed out waiting to see if we will be getting carried in major shops. We finally got a new computer which is great as this one shuts off of its own accord often as frequent as every 5 minutes which can make listing my items and responding to emails pretty tough.

The baby steps towards Sweden are that we are learning the language and that the husband is looking into extra certifications to make job hunting easier. Today I made a tiny deposit in our Moving to Sweden fund and it felt great. Sure it is a long way off but how else but baby steps do you do a large project.

In other goals I have been being all healthy well more healthy god help me tomorrow I am back off the coffee. Flatly and with all the devotion in the world I have promised myself I will reach my goals or go out trying. I hope you are having a good weekend



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