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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't Forget To Open Your Heart

So this is just a post about some experiences I have had recently. I found myself feeling pretty down lately just the winter blues I guess but as I have mentioned over the last few years sometimes I go through long bouts of times when I do not just dream but I have rampant bloody nightmares they are very real and very violent and it makes me not only wake up but avoid sleep sometimes. That can lead to a very cranky tired me.

The last couple of weeks I have tried really hard to remember that in my view if you try to do good and that does not just mean giving money but to actually help when you least feel like it good things tend to come back to you. First I volunteered to donate some time just a few hours a week to a place we owe a great deal of thanks to. That afternoon we got a free lunch and I got a special custom order.

A few days later I sent out my Valentines. I send them to as many folks as I can swing instead of Christmas cards just to let them know I am thinking of them. Well then I got a message from someone I do not hear from very often saying hey thanks for the card. Oh by the way this person is looking for a custom work and I thought of you. See the bird flipping fella above.

Then yesterday I had a chance to help a friend a little. We do not have much but I was able to send just a little to help a friend who is at the moment in not the best state. I did it closed the page and directly turned around to find I had another sale. The lady who made the purchase is someone I chat with on my fan page and really think she is sweet.

When ever you can try to open your heart it really does bring good back to you. This is not about God or anything believe whatever you like but try to show a little kindness when you can it makes life a little sweeter.

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