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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good China and to many vaginas

That is one of my newest works she sold yesterday but I wanted to share her because she makes me smile. So my lesson over the last few weeks seems to be Hey stop treating yourself like a bit of shit on your own fucking shoe.

Last week I pitched the chipped crack and such dishes and pulled out the good china. As it turns out there is no better time than now to enjoy it because you know life is short and shit. Well this week I have greatly enjoyed looking at my pretty dishes eating out of things that matched and just the general continuity. It has actually made me realize just treating myself a little better would make life much nicer. So I am using up every candle, bubble bath and such I can get my little hands on. I hope you are doing the same for yourself.

Now the multitudes of vagina's. So here is the thing. A couple of days ago on Regretsy was a post of a item made with someones menstrual blood. Those things never cease to amaze me. I would love to see inside a brain at what point paint just won't do and you need bodily fluids. Any how then my friend mentioned she knows the artist which cracked me up even more. End result I had to do a painting and came across another persons blog all about how awesome Red Tent yoga and yoni paintings were. Seeing a photo of them all holding up there snatch prints and smiling like idiots I felt the urge to make fun of them all but then I realized there are just to many vagina's to make fun of them all.



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