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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gratitude Morning Post

Hey all as you know I love to just do post about being grateful for what you have in your life from time to time. For me it is a way of keeping balance and I share it because to me I hope it makes someone smile or they think about what they are grateful for.

First I am most grateful for the a awesome new doctor for the husband. We got him into a kidney specialist who did several things we have never managed to get a doctor to do in the last year and a half this thing has been going on.

He walked in and sat down with us. There was no cell phone he asked questions and actually gave us time to answer I would say a good non rushed hour of medical history. He then presented his plan asked us for questions and gave me the feeling he would be on top of this. Then knowing we do not have insurance and have to get most of the husbands test done via a charity program. He told us to never miss a appointment with him if we were short of funds for the visit. He said just tell me and I will waive it.

I think it was that point my mouth dropped open like I had had a seizure. Every other doctors office we have been to has had up a sign saying please reschedule if you cannot pay in full for your visit now. They even pressure you to pay prior to actually seeing the doctor. Now we can afford the visit cost they are really reasonable but it is nice to know that if it came down to it he would still take care of my husband. It also may have softened my heart a little towards humanity in general.

The second thing I am grateful for are my friends. I love to make goofy valentines and send them out to the people I love. This year I had to stop myself at 100 because that was all my budget could handle. Having to many folks to send some love is a good feeling.

The third thing is my sister. I have told her recently that in the next 2-3 years the husband and myself have grand designs of moving ourselves to Sweden. We picked a very temperate strangely enough area in southern Sweden and we really just want a big adventure change and thought hey why not. Well my sister who of course does not want us to go in a way called me up last night and said hey why don't I come out and help you streamline your stuff. The reason she suggested that is I told her I want to start decrapifying the house now. I do not want it to be 6months till we move and I look around and go holy shit we have to sell all this. The fact she is trying to be supportive means the world.

Fourth that my old fat dog seems to be perking up for a few days she was scaring me. We lost her sister about 6 months ago and I think it would break my heart if she went that soon there after.

So what are you grateful for?

Love Cappy

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