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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hp Just blew me off again

I am back to writing another post about how horrible HP is. So I got a email stating they would call me. Two days later I had gotten no help what so ever. I called today because I realized the lady who told me what to do to send back the box with the computer in it told me wrong.

I called the 800 number that they sent me when I wrote the company about how horrible my first customer service issue was. Here is a link to that post. well the lady I got said they had not even looked at it and when I tried to explain why I was upset that they wanted to charge me additional funds said well that is our policy. After I asked for her name or a way to show them who I had spoken with and document it she would only tell me she was Carolin smith and that I did not need to know any more than that. She said the error did not matter nor who made it but that they would only either do a total refund to redo the whole and that was the way it was. When I said that policy sucks all I wanted to do was send back the one I got and get the proper one in a reasonable time frame she said well that is how it works and got very bitchy.

When I explained I intend to post this customer service of suckdom everyplace I can find she stated we don't care about that.Then I explained if I have to wait a longer amount of time to get my new computer because they told me to ship it back wrong I would be suing them. She then told me I will tell them that and hung up on me. What a total bunch of whack jobs.

Hp is just a menace.

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