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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take Care Of You

So the photo above is just a little collection of my created weirdos. I am sharing it because I love making them and I hope you enjoy seeing them. My focus today is to share as I told you in the beginning of the year I have lots of goals. One of them is to take better care of myself. I do mean exercise and better food but I also mean just showing myself a little of the love I show all my family from the pets on up. So this is what I have done just for me this week. I hope you have done something just for you as well and please feel free to share it right here.

This week for the first time in a age I bought myself some face lotion. I am not sure why or when but at some point I stopped buying it because you know 5 bucks for my face was just to much. I thought the other day you know I would like to lotion my face so at 40 I do not look 50 why not indulge in a basic lotion. I am enjoying it and already convinced my skin looks better.

Then I got out the good dishes. I live with a family of pets and my husband. If we can not use the good dishes now before we have kids running around when exactly the fuck will be the time for the good dishes. I like them they are pretty and smaller which is good for healthy eating. I also like the fact they are not as mix and match as our standard hobo cabinet. So today I happily ate my cheerios from a pretty bowl.



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