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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Work love and nutsack

This is been one of those weeks that only half way through according to the calender feels as if cracked out bitches have you down in the street and are taking turns seeing if jumping on your ribs and making them crack will eventually provide change or candy. That is right the high bitches think you are a pinata and all you can do is lay there thanks the bastard that gave them the bad meth in your head.

Work is going pretty well sales are decent, I have plenty of ideas and I am not dicking around to much so shit is getting made. Well some shit like the cute little kitty up there. If you would like to see my other clay work go to to check it out.

Then there is the love part. The husband is fantastic to be honest. He is comical enough to laugh at the crazy things I make but honest enough to tell me what he thinks. That little clay dog in progress up there I showed it to the husband the other day and he said to me. Hey why did you make a little dog with a nutsack body. Just earlier this week he told me I had painted a random portrait to look like the Regretsy lady. So you know he has been full of charm.

I responded with what are you talking about a nutsack.

This is when the husband pointed to his satchel and said you know a ball sack a nut sack the dog has a giant nutsack for a body. If you do not believe me go look at it.

So I walked in and instantly my little cute dog looked to have a nutsack body. While I do laugh and think I may now have to make him a little tag or food dish that says Nutsack it would be nice if just once I managed to make something normal. You know besides meatloaf.

Then I thought hey crying around bastard you have done pretty well for yourself making crazy shit. Just shut up and enjoy it. That mood was not to last to long as I tossed myself down half a flight of stairs and stabbed myself with a sewing needle. Both by accident only real damage was to my pride but it made me pissy so I thought I would come share my lament here.

Feel free to bring in and dust off your bitches right here.



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