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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bacon and Pregnant trolls

This painting above just makes me laugh so I thought why not bring that to you all. The last week has been busy here we are starting are festive run which includes 3 birthdays 1 anniversary and is closed with Fathers day. This is the time of year for cake in our world. Any how the first celebration is later this week and I am actually looking forward to kicking off the celebration.

Now about this bacon. I did a little painting of bacon and eggs dancing and it was sold with in a few minutes and I have request for more. Now yes I know we all love bacon but I find it so curious how such things move us. Is it what it makes us think of in the way of memories , just a love of bacon, or something else. While yes my little painting was cute I do not think it was life altering enough to bring about such a strong reaction from people.

Here is the question I think I am posing. For me when I smell or see bacon for just a minute I think of summer vacation getting up watching the Smurfs and sitting on the floor with my breakfast in my lap. What do you think of.

Any how a beautiful day here so I am going to paint and make some time to hang out in the sun.



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