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Monday, March 12, 2012

Some times it just wont fly

Right now I am working away on my shops. I have made some progress and have had to just let some things go.

First for the things that just wont fly. I had hopes of getting my little clay penis pendants out into the world via a large party supply company or something of that nature. Well I made little promo packages put my heart into it and sent them out. Two weeks later I got nothing. The only place that contacted me wanted me to do wholesale for less than 50% of retail and that was not going to happen. Sure it sucks as it stands now I suspect that effort will go no place. What I need to remember is sometimes shit just wont fly and that was good for me in several ways. First I followed through and did everything I could to try to expand that end of my business. Nope it sure did not work but now I can let that hope go. Sure I will keep them in my shop and have fun with it but I can now focus that attention on other areas of my work to see what will fly. Don't let a small failure crash you just accept it learn from it and scratch that off your list and move on. Well that is at least how it works for me.

Now on to what will fly. I have been having pretty good luck selling my illustrations which makes me very happy as in a way they are more natural to me than painting. I have made progress is making my business more well rounded as I now have a Wepay shop and can take payments there without Paypal. I have added it here on the blog. I would love to sell more off of Etsy. My little village is coming along pretty slow but that was never a worry. So here in my world that is whats what.

Hows your day



  1. Chin UP and keep a positive spirit!!

    1. Hey thank you so much. I am still in good spirits though no worries.