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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Being a thrifty bitch

So as of late I have found myself a little out of sorts.  You could call it artist block I guess but at the moment my creating of crazy paintings and creations has hit a lull.  Just feel a little blue when I look at a canvas like I should be trying to take my work and efforts to expand my business to the next level but I have no clue what either of those would really be.  That keeps me from focusing on creating my knife wielding octopuses and penises that farm. 
While  I hate that feeling never been able to abide the idea of just sitting there feeling sorry for yourself.  That is why I have started spending a good deal of time just working on fixing up our home and that kind of stuff as we hope to sell in the next couple of years and move to Sweden but also just because after the husband had a stroke it sort of went without sprucing for some time and a little sprucing makes everything seem nicer.
I am also a thrifty bitch so here are some of my finds.  Above are my new dining room/ office curtains.  The old ones we got when we moved in and the husband tossed them in the dryer which shrunk them so the window looked like it was ready for a flood.  This fabric is much more flowery then I would normally go for but I like the color and it kind of reminds me of my grandmother.  What eles I like about these curtains is that the fabric for this window and for the other and enough for a little table cloth all cost me a grand total of $1.50 a the thrift store.  For that cost and a little time to sew the curtains I cannot beat the cost.  Now I smile everytime the sun is out and my curtains light up. 
Next I went out and saw a bunch of lava rock on freecycle and I grabbed it.  We got just enough to fill our front border so that the area which usually fills with weeds is now low matinence and will highlight my new flowers.  Other than the gas and time to put out the rock it was free. 
Then the flowers.  I wanted tulips because I just think they are pretty.  Then I saw the geraniums.  Granted I like geraniums but what really sold me was that one plant which will pretty much fill one pot cost me $1.48 .  I also splurged and got myself a pansy because I love the colors.  2 geraniums and 1 pansy I spent just under 8 bucks.  Other than the potting soil, tarp for under the rocks and that kind of stuff all of which we had already my front yard will now be back to cute like when I used to enjoy sitting out and looking at it.  Hope this inspired you to be a thrifty bitch as well.  Here is a photo of my geraniums. 

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