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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leaving a little room for magic

This is a photograph I took this morning in my garage looking out the window. You can tell it is a dirty old window and it is just above the spot for my gardening supplies.
I was getting out the gas can to see if we needed more gas to mow the lawn and I saw how the light was shining in the window and making the glass jars I save to grow little seedlings in from time to time or maybe organize small screws that kind of stuff. Well when I took the photo I realized it looks like each of the jars has little things living in it like a bunch of little wildly lit terrariums.
There in reality is not a thing in there. They all came straight from the kitchen getting washed and got sat there in the last few weeks. So I could just say this is the sun beaming in causing strange reflections. Well I am going to take this as a sign of little beings living in my garage. Besides the strange blond mouse that has been out there for about 3yrs.
My point is believe what you like but always make sure you leave a little room for imagination or hope or faith or just plain crazy whatever you want to call it. It rarely fails to make you smile if take it with a good heart.

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