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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little lamb and the comic strip life

So this little pillow above I made just because I like making them.  My sewing stuff does not sell much right now so I just make what I feel like so if all else fails I am left with something I like. 
Now you all here me rant a lot about trying to expand and keep going.  Sometimes I would like to just quit and go to sleep but in reality this is what I want to do so that would be useless. 
I am happy to report that this week the little world is expanding a bit.  First yesterday had a lunch and agreed to do a little mural for a lady in her bathroom.  Why the hell she looked at my penis riddled portfolio and thought yes this is the person to do a landscape in my shitter is beyond me but I do not ask questions. 
Then there is a really neat project I am a part of.  It is called the Superhero Lunchbox project.  The whole idea is we each doctor up a lunch box about are super heroes then they are displayed together on a blog as a sort of online gallery.  Here is a link if you would like to check it out.  Mine is there but there are others that are for more beautiful. 
Then at the end of the week I am going to on a friend who has written a couple of books blog about doing what you love.  That for me will be exciting as usually when I get to answer questions it is things like do you have insurance. 
Now this Comic strip life thing.  Well for some time I have been saving up little ideas of mini stories or comic strips.  This last week I have started creating them.  They are very rough and I am going to try just making a small number but I think it could be a fun way to venture into another area.  Here is a photo of one of those little stories it is the first of 3 pages on Odell and the pork chop.  Let me know what you think.  To be honest I have no clue if anyone reads this but it keeps me organized in my thoughts so I write it any way. 

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