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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The "Poo" of handmade

Well the poo of handmade seems to be Etsy.  A bit back they featured a seller.  The seller turns out to be a reseller. Go to if you would like the whole story.  usually I would tell you to go to the site but they have all gone fucking crazy and started deleting all their own old post to hide this from the public. 
As we the customers of Etsy small business owners and shoppers started saying hey why the fuck is this crazy bitch who is selling her large manufactured furniture all over the place still here.  This is when Etsy told us all to bend over and took away the lube. 
The bending over came in the form of what they call a more clarified version of the rules for being a collective.  I call it a blatant fucking rewrite but then what do I know being a honest business person.  According to their own never more solid than a carnival palm reader predictions rules pretty much any business can be on Etsy now.  Here is a link to their massive amount of crap they put up as the terms of a collective.  So if you can make up names you could really just sit down with 2000 employees working for you and just screw around on Etsy all day.
Now protest and outraged threads have cropped up all over Etsy.  What is really great is Etsy is going around taking them all down as fast as they can which takes a while as they are all weighed down with giant cowls made in sweatshops in China. 
For 3-4 days now we have nonstop asked for several clear answers. 
*What percentage would they consider a crafter to have to participate in the creation of a item to call it their own. 
* At what point would they consider a "collective" a huge fucking company
* Can they please make clear exactly what they consider handmade.
So far we have gotten squat in the way on answers.  What they are busy doing is being on Martha Stewart today hell I figure Martha will most likely have a Etsy shop soon.  So my dear customers and friends I am writing this to let you know be careful if you opt to shop on Etsy anymore.  I can no longer say they are doing anything to keep out resellers so really look and ask questions if you chose to buy there to make sure you are paying handmade prices for handmade items and not just getting ripped off.  Hate to say it but seeing as they have not made a public announcement maybe a press conference of some kind to make known they are no longer a handmade venue but Ebay with owls it comes off to me as fraud and I do not want my friends and customers taken in. 
I am keeping my shop there as I keep expanding in other venues but hope another real competitor for my business dollars crops up soon.


  1. well said.

    Now their sales pitch "quit your day job" would now translate into "quit your career and work in a sweatshop". I think I should do that.

    Luckily, there are tons of nice people on Etsy, so it remains a nice place to chat, so I'll keep my shop there too (Handustry) but am also looking at some alternatives like Shopify, Wazala, Big Cartel, Volusion, etc but those are stand alone shop solutions, no community. I could feel a bit lonely there.

  2. This was an eye opening post! I have a shop on Etsy and I am a bit disheartened to see this going on.

  3. Hi Cappy,
    Eloquent as ever, the whole point of etsy (I would assume) is to enable the creator/worker/dreamer of dreams to profit without any middlemen. Perhaps the sordid subject of money is too base for cupcakeville and best left for those nasty resellers. Perhaps the three chinese monkeys who hear, see and speak no evil should be the new symbol of etsy...



  4. Hey all thanks very much for the response. there is currently a silent protest planned I joined myself and thought I would share it here for any others to see it or join if they so wish.