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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stop The War On Women

So today I am going to forget about Etsy and their massive bullshit and save that for tomorrow.  What I am focusing on today is something far more important to people all over this country.  There is pretty much a war on flat out over women's rights.  More states than I can recall in my life are working to put insane restrictions on birth control, your right not to share why you take it with your employer, abortion, pay, harassment in the work place, not covering birth control with insurance truly everything. 
My great grand told me about working for these rights, my grands did as well, my mother went to work in a time when she could be fired for not wearing a girdle to a office job. 
It is time to stand up and vote these people out of power and let them know we will not now nor ever again take this outlandish pile of self serving shit they tossing at us. 
Here is a link to people who can explain it much better than me.  There are also tons of marches planned today so that is why I am posting this today.  I am not sure I can get to one today as our car is shared and I had to give it to the husband today. What I am going to do is spend some time working on my garden and have my friends little girls come over so we can work together.  To me one of the biggest fears is that we could end up with girls going back to being ashamed of being good at things, not having choices and so on.  I want to do everything in my power to help all kids but girls more than most today learn they can take care of themselves and have the right to make all decisions for themselves.  Basically to help build the confidence and freedom of spirit that has lead to these marches that man people in power are trying to take away. 
Oh on a personal note I made this entire work from garbage except the cross which I put in because others religious views seems to be a new favorite as to why they can control my vagina.  The canvas was repeatedly used and was on the way out, the frame was old and ugly, the paint was rancid and the cement was extra from another project.  I figured garbage would be good to use as that is what seems to be getting hurled at women these days.

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