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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Work in progress or death your choice

The reason for the title today is from the last few weeks. I have been super busy not so much with the shop to be honest I have fucked around there a bit seem to of had a bit of a dry inspiration spell as well I was spent and had no scratch to go buy supplies. Any how I am past that. What I have learned though in the last few weeks will be the point of this entry today.
Every so often when I really get cooking with something be it painting, decorating, landscaping the house, my relationship with my lunatic husband whatever it is I can get myself into that zone when perfection seems so close.
That is never a good place to be for me. With out fail I will mess up what started as a gorgeous painting, pick the wrong color carpet, move over the azaleas, or have a fight with the husband. Then it is very hard for me to let go of how close it was to perfect. Well this week while angry with the husband over a fight about shoes yes seriously shoes and disgusted my painting had turned to ass I realized this thing again that helps me fairly often.
If life is perfect if you make the perfect thing, are in the perfect place then there is no point no place to go from there but down so you may as well be dead. I suddenly found myself grateful for the dirty shoes on my hardwoods and my lack of artistic skills.
Just a thought

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