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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Be Yourself No Matter What

So today I just want to remind everyone of something I have trouble remembering myself from time to time.  Never ever let anyone put you in a box or say this is not you.  The painting above is one of mine and not my traditional style.  It is very girly and romantic and a little strange to see coming from your standard penis painter. 
When I made it my husband when asked to nab it thought I was kidding when I said it was a painting of roses and was really surprised to see that it was.  When I showed it to friends while they thought it was lovely several thought it was crazy I would paint such a thing.  None of them in any way meant anything bad but everyone just by nature will try to put you in a box.  They want you defined because it helps make defining themselves easier. 
Well one of my friends saw it and instantly asked to buy it and it sold after being painted for less than a day.
The moral of my little story is I often hide away and just do whatever I feel in terms of art and that keeps me true to it.  I love what  I do and never think of a style or subject as off limits to me because in my mind that defeats the purpose of being a artist. 
So this is just a friendly reminder that if it feels right go for it and never ever let anyone else tell you who you are and don't try to do it to others.

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