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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dickheads of the week, bad judges and a note from the chode

Ok so lets get this weeks edition of dickheads of the week rolling. I am sitting here having some twizzler and old coffee while trying to figure out what to do with my day when not working on art or my Etsy shop. The reason why is today is the day of the silent protest. Pretty much Etsy has started giving a thumbs up to mass produced items but is trying to still pretend to be the handmade place. Which is great for them you come in and spend money thinking you are getting a great deal on handmade but blows for the rest of us. You get screwed getting mass produced items at a place you thought was handmade and we the actual small handmade shops get buried in hundreds of thousands of items mass produced so no one even sees our stuff.
As a response to the protest many people have disagreed as well as joined but these are two special select kinds of dickheads. The one above is from Lindsey who is happy to take the traffic from those of us fighting to keep the largest handmade online website just that. To me it makes her a short sighted greedy bitch but what do I know.
Then below we have the chick Kristian who wants to make sure we all know not only will she be sure to list more today but because we asked that even if you cannot or chose not to protest by closing your shop can you maybe not shop on Etsy today she has let us all know she is ready to do some shopping. To that I say let me know when Marley starts showing up as your door knocker and you hear those chains rattling bitch
Now on the the note from the chode.  Chode is my affectionate nickname for Chad the CEO of Etsy.  He likes to drop little shit nuggets like this to us failing to realize we all know it is utter bullshit.  That or his head is so far up his own ass he thinks we believe it.  Again what do I know.  Here is Chodes note.  in all of this $40 million they have raised not one damn mention of the word handmade nor of getting I do not know a simple fucking phone line.  Most of it must be earmarked to go into lead paint furniture from Bali.  That and maybe finding some new ways to fuck over the sellers or what they should call customers who have made their business what it is .  I could go on about the whole new other Etsy listing but I am flat out exhausted by their bullshit.  I will save that for next weeks dickheads. 
Now on to the bad judges.  Here you go people.  This judge takes the fucking cake.  He was judging a man who had over 100 images of kiddie porn on his computer.  They were not saved they were just cached which means he looked at them but did not keep them on his computer.  The judge said that even if the viewing was purposeful just seeing it was not a crime. 
Now here is where I starting thinking what the hell.  Now I have heard the issue that it can come up as pop up if you are on other sites and then people are afraid to call the police because it is a crime just to have it on there in any way.  They panic and fear they will be seen as pedophiles.  OK so you could even say that happened by accident 10 times to give people the chance to not feel scared to call the police I understand but over 100 times my fucking ass it did.  This makes me think the judge is or either has a pedophile in his life why else would anyone back that kind of bullshit.  Let me be clear that is only  my suspicion and opinion I have no proof the judge is a pedophile I bet he doesn't either.  So New York I hope gets this overturned in some way or prepares to become a mecca of pedophiles it will be like a pilgrimage of free candy vans and creepy old guys with puppies.  Here is a link if you would like to see it yourself.
untill next time

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