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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good day today tomorrow dicks of the week

So last week you all loved the dicks of the week and I did to.  Etsy has given me lots and lots of cannon fodder for a new post about it tomorrow as well so has South Carolina, some weird pastor and several other folks. 
The photo above is there for one reason.  The last little bit I have been feeling something is not just right in my world.  I keep having the urge to change up how I do what I do.  Create bigger projects in different areas and to be working towards a more set goal than world clay penis domination.  As we have seen world penis domination in general is not a good thing.  See dicks of the week post tomorrow for more info on that front. 
Any how that photo is just sort of a start on a very different path I am thinking of trying in my creative pursuits. 
Good things have happened to this week and here I am sharing. 
First we lost the damn cat for 4hrs and then found out she had snuck into the artcave/basement and hid like the little furry orange bitch she is.  On that note I am still grabbing her and hugging and kissing her a day later so you know glad she is back. 
My sister had a big birthday yesterday she turned 40.  While I am no spring chicken I greatly enjoy being able to call her old. 
The rest I am saving for tomorrow because it is either lunch now or collapse.

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