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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gratitude List Happy Wednesday

From time to time I like to have a dick of the week post and a gratitude post.  It is just about remembering what makes your life good.  For me those things can be big or small but I like to take the time to notice them and hope that makes life a little sweeter.
So here is my list please feel free to put your own things on here as well love to hear what keeps you folks happy as well.
1.  I am grateful that when my husband asked to use my tweezers the hairs he was removing were two strays between his eyebrows and not some random snot blocking nose hair.  I would of hated losing those tweezers they are my favorite.
2.  That when the dumb ass cat hid out for 4hrs we found her fluffy ass safe and sound in my art cave.  I really could not do with out that tiny orange face of belligerence.
3.  For my garden I love it and watching things grow it just makes me heart feel right and good.  There is a real joy in it for me.
4.  For my sweet friend who is sending me one of his artworks.  I was just in awe of how sweet and kind that was.
5.  For the smell when you walk down the coffee aisle at the grocery store.
6.  For air conditoning when done working in the garden.
What are you grateful for.

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