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Friday, May 4, 2012

I did it my way and it blew goats

The title for this post was inspired by my friend Michel and his sending me a link to the well known song I did it my way crooned by Frank Sinatra.  I made this horrible little doll with one thing in mind and it went very very wrong.  Her body looks like a bug that was not the goal this is actually a flattering photo of it if such a thing could exist.  What I found funny and sweet all at once is I create a lot of stuff and while I can get attached to it very small is the amount of things I feel a true and unabiding love for that it would hurt if someone said it was ugly.  Those things I do not put up I make them for myself.  This on the other hand I was laughing and making it dance and scaring the husband with it on a regular basis while working on it.  So I had no issue putting it out to give my fan page on facebook people a laugh. 
What surprised me was that many of them liked it and a couple told me how neat it was and I was crazy.  While I know they were being sweet or maybe just are so kind they can overlook the fuckered up of it all I know it is ass ugly and that is ok.  I gave it a go it did not work out and now I have a new thing to scare the hell out of people with. 
Why is it not ok to just look at something you or someone else made and say fuck that is ugly.  This sounds like a question I should pose over on Regretsy.  Which by the way some kind soul made a forum post about my shop over there last night and they left the kindest comments.  FJL indeed.

 This is the storm that has been coming and going all day.  Just love the clouds and wind.  It is all fun and games till the tornado sirens go off.  Thankfully none of that today here so far.
 These two photos are from my little garden.  My peppers and maters are coming on great and soon I will have beans, squash and carrot photos to show ya.  Then the strawberry patch.  Best smell of the summer is a warm strawberry patch. 


  1. Nothing is fucked up, everything we create has a purpose and means something. But then again, no one knows all the crap I create and then bury in the backyard for future archaeologist to discover and imagine all sorts of stupid things our century could be about :-)

  2. Now to see that I've been rude not to thank you for mentioning me in your most glorious blog. Shame on me

  3. Ha Michel I just love you and your work. Actually here if any of you come around you should see his great stuff.!/handustry