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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sleep nightmares and translations

 Thought I would do a post just focusing on dreams today.  Recently my sleep has been very rattled by creepy dreams and even a few fun visits of semi sleep paralysis and sleeping hallucinations.  The image above I created from one of those moments the other night.  This is pretty much how things looked except my hair is just not long enough to cover my chest so I mermaided it to keep my privacy.  It is enough you people have to endure my ramblings no one needs nipples to go along with it. 
There was a large grey billowing fabric looked almost gauze like creature floating around.  It turned looked down at me then flipped around face to face with me.  There was also a small black portal oozing blood with little demons coming out hanging all over stuff making little skittering noises.  I woke up looked around could move some which is rare for the sleep paralysis.  Not enough to really get up but a little movement.  Then said to hell with it and went back to sleep.  So I created this to get it out of my head to make sure next time if nothing else it will not be the same things. 
Then we have the cute little mini art bears up above this.  They were put together while the painting above was drying.  How one thing so cute and sweet can coexist in the same brain as the one above I will never know but my point here is just let your work flow however it comes just go with it.  That is my two cents any way.

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