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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things and people who suck along with a note from a chode.

Now in all the time I have spent in the online world of Etsy I have never posted a shit shop or person from a shit shop on here.  I have taken aim at Etsy as a giant cluster of fucked up but never at a actual individual seller because I just don't care enough.  Well today is different today I start my once a week why you are a total dickbag post. 
First for the world.  This just pisses me every way imaginable. 
I am just ashamed for our country right now and see this as a very contrived attempt at fear mongering. 
Now on to the less important but still dickbag people of the world. 
As many of you who follow Etsy have seen many sellers myself included have been in a uproar about there changes to policy that pretty much back sellers who admit to bringing in and outsourcing massive amounts of the creations to all kinds of places. If Etsy wants to be Ebay fine that is their choice but they need to be upfront about it and have one set of rules for all of us.    As a response Friday evening just before the close of business everyplace Chad the Chode of Etsy released this little shit nugget for all of us.
Now I am paraphrasing here but to me it reads we have no clue in hell what we are going to do please leave us alone for a bit while we marinate on this with our lawyers and create yarn mustaches.  I could be wrong but seeing as it is Tuesday and we have yet to hear dick back I think I might be right. 
Then you have the other dick bags.  Many Etsy sellers concerned have opted to do a protest on May 10th we will just vacation mode or deactivate our shops and chat up what is going on over there every place else as Etsy will ban you if you mention it in your shop.  Again dickbags.  Here is the link if you would like to join or just see the shops that are doing it so far. 
Now what follows just amazes me.  Many people fall on both sides some have no clue, some do just disagree with the idea of protesting and some are all for it and many are in the middle and not sure.  There is also a fear Etsy will ban the shops that do chose to go on vacation even though we have broken no rule.  There here are the dick bags.  These are the shops well a few who have came onto the forum thread over at Etsy about the subject and explained we can all fuck off  they are happy we will be gone and maybe they can get some extra sales from it.  To me that makes them scummy business people and while yes I am sure they have pretty princess items in their store I thought you might like to see just what kind of person is behind it.  Here is the thread.  Then here are some people who do not get what we are fighting about it transparency of rules and clarity for all.  Instead they take this chance here and later on in the thread to show how they hope our efforts of closing in protest will bring them more cash.  In my view that makes them all giant turds.  Enjoy.  Tomorrow look for a post about my thrifty bitch efforts I now have a pretty and cheap new headboard.