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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Distractions, goals and throwing off expectations

This is a post that should of come earlier but I was tired and busy so I dicked around.  So here it is.  The painting above was a birthday gift to myself.  I have wanted to make it for some time but always put it off well this year it was just time to make something for me.  It is inspired by three of my favorite people who tossed off convention and did damn well what they pleased and viewed as right.  I am hoping hanging this in the art cave will keep me honest in my work.  Often I feel a little pulled because some folks think everything I paint must have a penis then other folks lean think I am really only making art if it has flowers and hazy backgrounds turns out fuck them all I like both and a wide spectrum in between. 
So here it goes the distractions recently have been for me that my friends are interesting bastards and I like keeping up with their goings on.  I have made a few to may dates with friends to do this and that so for a week maybe two if I need it I am pretty much cutting everyone off to focus on you guessed it goals. 
The goals are this I have a short story half typed into the computer, several art projects and a near done comic strip book prototype oh and a few sewing things I am really wanting to try out.  Something has to give and just saying it will not be my work lines things up better.  If I want to grow this empire I have to keep on the work that simple. 
Now the expectations.  Recently I have gotten several situations that people tried to nicely suggest they did not want other people to know I happen to make a lot of little clay penises for a living.  At first I tried to take this calmly but then I realized fuck off was a much better view to take.  Here is the thing while it is not all I do it is one attention getter and I am damn proud of my little business so if someone does not want to know me or finds it off color then they can just shove it up their big whiny asses.  My expectations are that we each do what we feel is right and for me my life is just that. 
So what about you whats shaking world?

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