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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monsters and Veggies

The monsters above are part of my effort to use or lose some would be project supplies I have had in my art cave for some time.  I am tossing these little guys up at $5.00 a monster in my shop. 
This has been a busy week had a tooth issue, family issue, a issue with my issue you know a truck bed full of bullshit.  The end result was I hid in my garden when not working.  The photo below is of my first baby pepper this year.  There are about 5 more  now sprouting in the garden. 

This week has been one of those weeks that made me think about the words loyalty, honor, loose fur, booze lots of things.  Now I am off to continue work on my rag rug.  God help you all photo will be coming when it is done.


  1. Very creative use of your surplus supplies! I " hide " at the beach when things are gnarly. Kudos on your baby pepper! We have had hit or miss weather here all Spring. Not much is growing yet : (

  2. Thanks BlacknickSculpture glad you like them. Hiding at the beach sounds like a lovely option the sound of waves, warm sand. Our weather has been weird this year oh and just yesterday we got baby maters.