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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bulls and China

The above work is one of my new mini clay creations a bull with a china hutch.  I feel like this a little right now in my world and it is cute so why not share. 
So fairly often I come on here and talk about my goals.  Some I have been making steady progress on and some wander off into oblivion and then I remember they exist three years later.
This week I finished the first round of editing a novel.  It will need some more polishing and some cover art but then I may take the march on over to Amazon and see if I can get it up on there.  I don't care if it sells three copies just so long as I finished it and got it out of my system. 
As time goes on I realize it really does just seem like life is a fight to get as much done as you can and that is fine I am up for that.  Granted I may break a few things in the process but hell they would of been dropped by accident anyway.
So what is shaking with you world?

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