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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My first handmade purchase

So this week I had one of those full circle moments.  I was going over my old jewelry boxes I don't get to wear near as much as I would like because most of my days are spent in my art cave covered in various paints, lacquers and such.  It would be terrible to ruin it so I mostly only get to wear things when out for the day.  For that reason I love to look over my boxes and enjoy all the shiny bits I leave in there most of the time for safe keeping. 
This brooch pendant was one of the things I noticed this week.  It was my very first handmade purchase.  I bought it twenty some odd years ago at our annual winter craft bazaar at my school. 
I was in the third grade and I loved those events.  The winter one had music, if we were lucky a little snow and tons of holiday decorations.  I had saved up about twenty bucks to do my Christmas shopping.  Well when I came across this lady who had a table full of these and earrings, rings all kinds of things I thought it was just magical.  I must have touched everything on that poor woman's table. 
My questions all about how she made them and everything she endured.  To me the fact she could make this at home on her own was crazy I had no idea people could do things like this.  I bought this one for myself and one for my mother. 
It was $5.00 and for me that was big money.  I then wore this thing every place I could being a little kid and that it is clearly more for a adult I looked strange and that was a very modern style to wear back then even as a adult.  What it did for me was this.  It made me realize how very important it is to buy things you love.  It also made me think about how very early you can be lucky enough to get introduced to handmade ooak world if you are really lucky. 
  I really wish there was a way for me to thank that woman for not saying little kid get the hell off my table but talking to me and letting me enjoy her craft.  There is a little hope in my that she somehow knows all these years later her brooch is a treasure to the person who bought it. 
With this in mind I am thinking of adding a special come on over and touch it section for my craft tables at holiday shows this year to encourage little ones to get into the idea that very special things can be made and not come from a big box shop.
Thanks for listening to me ramble.

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