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Saturday, September 22, 2012

My top ten list of things to do this Fall

So as some of you who know me from real life and Facebook and such know I am a total Autumn whore.  I love it and damn near everything about it.  For no other reason than that fact I am making a little list of things I love to do in the fall and plan to do this one.  Please feel free to list yours as well.  I am hoping to take photos of the ones that would work well with so you guys can follow along. 
1.  Decorate like a mad woman.  All summer and spring I pluck along with some decorations but not much.  Boy when fall comes I jump in feet first.  This house has all kinds of things in my favorite fall colors out.  Every year I try to expand the collection by one thing. 
2.  Make one decoration just for me.  This year I believe it will be one of my nest I am popping up in my shop. 
3.  Orchards and pumpkin farm.  I love our local folks they have great little farms to go pick out things.  Going with the husband can be lots of fun.  He picks the apples because well he is about a foot taller than me.  I stare at the pumpkins for much longer than necessary till he cannot buy any longer that I am actually choosing and not just screwing him around.   Then there is the petting zoo and I knock all the small children out of the way if need be to pet those babies.
4. Put away all the summer clothing and pull out all the Fall stuff.  It does not sound like much fun but I always use it as a reason to get rid of clothing that has not been worn and I have a small obsession with organization. 
5.  Creepy movie nights.  I have about 3-4 between now and Halloween.  I try to plan them when we don't have to work the next day it makes it easier to wake up and check the room for monsters in the middle of the night.
6.  Cider I love cider and find you can pretend anything is fun if you have enough of it that is spiked with something good. 
7.  Halloween night is always one of our favorites I will get into those traditions later in the blog.
8.  Telling ghost stories here and in general.  Creeping yourself out is a hoot.
9.  Star gazing.  This is one of the best times of the year to see some great things and very soon you can do it without 5000 mosquito's annoying you. 
10.  Dragging out all the sweaters, blankets, throws and long socks I own. 
So what gets you into fall?

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