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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things that make me laugh

This is a tiny treasure or stash box whatever you like to call it.  I made it from a old dentist box and some other random stuff then topped it with a vintage tacky pot leaf charm.  It seems at some point in my youth I liked this enough to wear it.  Now I like it enough to giggle and glue it to a box.  This makes me laugh. 
Other things that make me laugh are my neighbor who fights for 40 minutes trying to make his lawn mower work every week only to give up and then go sit on the porch and drink.
My old dog and how she whines when I have food she wants like she never gets fed.
The fact my uterus seems to be trying to fight its way out of my body despite losing the fight for the last 20yrs or so.  So friends I ask you what makes you laugh?
If you would like to see my stash boxes on sale or my other art just go here.

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