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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ghost are haunting my bathroom

This has been a really good week most of my spooky stuff is listed and waiting for a new home.  This creepy guy above can be found in my shop at and then he can go creep the hell out of someone else.  So this time of the year I always feel a little creeped out and sure enough this year is no exception.  Things keep getting moved hear bumps.  I am sure it is just a giant spider hiding in our attic or something but I like to imagine it is a ghost. 
Now on to the photo below.  It is one of my new magnets and pendants lines.  Always looking towards the future and trying to do new stuff I have started making these.  This one is for
 the winter and Fall I made just for myself because I loved the image.    It is a polish stamp with the cutest little girl on there.
So I told you my bathroom is haunted.  Here is the story all the time things keep moving in our bathroom.  There is just the two of us here and no pets are allowed in there and it happens fairly often when I am the only one home.  I have a shelf with my tiny donkey collection on it because well I like something to entertain me in there and I cannot abide keeping reading material in there it then seems tainted.  Any how someone or something keeps moving my donkeys. 
My question for you guys is does anyone else have a ghost story?

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