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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When you have a split personality and gratitude

 This little post is about two things and that should be made clear by the stark difference in the photos shown.  Both photos are of my work they come from the same place in my that feels the urge to create and share.  One is about love and one about laughter to me they are equal in importance in life.  So with that I am reminding myself to embrace the nutty variety that is my truth and hope you do the same with yours. 
Now on to the gratitude list.
1.  For the sales as of late a real pick up in sales has helped things nicely.  It is not that money is the be all end all but a little extra is better. 
2.  For the fact old chubby dog seems to of perked up yet again.  I swear that dog is magic.
3.  For this cool weather I love it and all the cozy things it brings along with it. 
4.  For my friends they make me laugh so much it just makes life more fun.
5.  For the feeling of faith that seems to of renewed in me as of late.  It may not be for everyone and I in no way wish to push it on others but it is the way for me. 
So what are you grateful for today?
Oh the painting below was inspired by a photo I saw on Regretsy I hope it makes you laugh like the sick ducks you know you are.

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