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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Big dreams and big gratitude my little world.

This year has been really good to me.  I have met most of my major work goals or beat them.  Made more time for family and myself so all the good things are happening.  So from today till Thanksgiving I am going to try and come on here and mention one thing I am grateful for as often as I can.  In my view I want a lot from this world I want to work hard and get some place, for people to try and be good to each other and for us to take care of the planet and each other.  That seems like a hell of a lot to ask so I figure while trying to do my part to make those things happen I should show some gratitude for what has happened. 
Today I am grateful that we all here in the United states get to vote and pray we all have the sense not to elect Romney. 

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