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Monday, November 12, 2012

Gratitude for humor, Regretsy and Tampon Dolls and Penis pendants

 This has been a hell of a good week several customs came in from unexpected people one of which I nearly died when I realized they even knew who the hell I was.  Then I finished my little clay penis pendants for the holidays.  You see above this year the theme was Run Run Rudolph.  I make some for my shop each year at the holidays.  So I already had Regretsy on my mind.  Then this happened.
Sunday I found myself featured on the Regretsy front page again with my terrible little tampon doll.  I made her just for fun never dreaming I would be featured for her there I figured I had hit my limits of being featured with my stuff over the years.  Here is a link if you would like to see the comical stuff folks had to say about it.  What made it really a ball for myself and has me feeling immense amounts of gratitude is not only did the great folks over at Regretsy share it but tons of my friends shared it and laughed and enjoyed it too.  Then the person that bought it asked me for a autograph.  That cracked me up but hey if she wants it she will have it.  Off to paint some more creepy shit.

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